Lobster Burger at the Parkside in Providence, RI

Providence is an amazing city. As the capital of the tiny state of Rhode Island, this capital is nothing but tiny on charm, character and style.

Two of us went to the infamous Waterfires on a nice June evening. After a romantic gondola ride with a cold bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, we strolled over to the Parkside Rotisserie. We were seated at a nice table outside on the sidewalk where we could watch all the crowds of the Waterfires wander by.

The highlight of the night was a Lobster Burger which was a 1/2 pound burger topped with lobster claws and served on a pretzel roll. Seriously!?! This thing was amazing and taller than I was. The most amazing part of this burger was the price – $18.99. Amazing! Check out the Parkside the next time you are in town.




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