Strip Steak – Mandalay Bay Hotel – Las Vegas, NV

I have been wanting to try Strip Steak at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino for many years and I finally got my turn. Previous friends who had dined here have remarked on the amazing cuisine (and stratospheric prices). So on this night six of us settled into our booth and ordered some cocktails and wine.

I love wedge salads so that and the Filet caught my eye. Like most high-end steak house, entrees are all ala-carte and Strip Steak is no different. From normal things like garlic mashed potatoes to lobster-truffle mac and cheese, Strip Steak has their own variations on everything.

My Wedge Salad arrived and was very delicious. Large chunks of bacon and blue cheese draped the top of a large iceberg wedge. The dressing was creamy, but not overdone with too much blue cheese. All-in-all a great way to start.

Then my filet came out. I prefer my meat cooked medium rare and this was close to well done. The flavor was decent, but not the quality or attention to detail I would have expected from a restaurant like this. I know they are trying to sell me more and more side dishes, but the presentation was horrendous. At over $60.00, this steak looked homeless on a huge white platter with only a lone carrot and potato to garnish the other side of the plate.




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