Hofbräuhaus -Munich, Germany

I will tell you one thing, I hate touristy places and chain restaurants. So, when I was in Munich recently and a few friends called to get a beer at the Hofbräuhaus, I hesitated for a second and then thought, what the hell.

We arrived and ordered a couple of liters of the darker beer which was very good. It only tasted dark, it wasn’t filling at all. Then we spotted the Pretzel Girl, not sure if that her real name or not and ordered one of her specialties which we quickly dressed with mustard.

As the oompah band played their German songs, I couldn’t help remember a few times I dined at the Hofbräuhaus in Las Vegas and I think that killed this experience for me. I felt like I was in Vegas. It felt fake to me. Maybe if I had gone to Munich first it would have been different, but I didn’t.

Would I go back? Possibly.
Would I suggest you checking it out? Why not – they have an endless supply of beer.







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