René at Tlaquepaque Villiage – Sedona, AZ

While wandering around Sedona we happened upon René. This little place at the back of the Tlaquepaque Village was cute and inviting so we made a reservation to check it out.

Upon arriving we were promptly greeted and seated. Our server was very professional and though a bit stiff in the beginning of the meal, warmed up by the end and was very funny.

I always like to try new dishes and when I saw antelope on the menu, I had to give it a try.

Our bread quickly arrived oven warmed with butter “flowers” served on what appeared to be bay leaves.

20131025-145202.jpg<br /

The antelope arrived with perfect presentation. Served with mashed potatoes, carrots and asparagus, the three large medium-rare piece of meat were the hero's of the plate. Like a cross between a filet and lamb, antelope is extremely low in fat content but amazingly flavorful. It was a nice treat.

After our entrees we decided on the cream brulet. Nice layer of custard below with a hard shell on top. Garnished with a strawberry, it was not overly creamy or sweet and provided the perfect combination of both to end the meal.


There are some places you eat that immediately go on your “must go back” list and René is on that list. It is a must if your travels bring you to Sedona.


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