Doc Crow’s – Louisville, KY

Some days a body needs a bit of polluting. Maybe an extra drink (or 10), or maybe a meal with way too much grease. Doc Crow’s in Louisville, KY was the site of one of these meals. This dark and lively place feature a menu that would make any cardiologists wince.

So many things on the menu jumped out as I read through the descriptions. Two in particular caught my eye. The first were some of the best nachos ever.

From the menu, it read, “Choice of beef brisket or pulled pork . . . crispy tater chips, melted cheddar, BBQ sauce, smoked salsa, sour cream, and pickled jalapeños.” In reality, it was a stack of goodness that combined sweetness of the BBQ sauce with the smokiness of the meat and salsa. This thing was huge and tasty!


Though filling, this was one tasty burger. Juicy, flavorful and balanced. The big surprise was that this thing was only $18.00. A steal for a meal that could have fed a family of four. Well, maybe a couple.

Check them out at


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