Boston’s North End Cannoli Faceoff. Head-to-Head Battle Mike’s Pastry vs. Modern Pastry

Mikes or Modern, Modern or Mikes. This has been a battle in the streets of Boston’s North End for decades. Just walk down Hanover Street and do a random poll of people on the street and you will see how people are equally passionate about each of these bakeries.

We decided to put them to the test. We purchased one cannoli at Mike’s and one at Modern. Then we sat at a picnic table in a park on North Street to evaluate and taste.

Mike’s Pastry – – Mike’s little white boxes tied with string are everywhere in the North End. These large and delicious cannolis are filled with homemade cheese that is rich, creamy and thick. The small chocolate chips on the ends of the pastry add a secondary level of crunch combined with the shell. They shop is large and almost overwhelming with the different kinds of pastries. Though there is always a line, service is friendly and quick.

Modern Pastry – – Modern is a much smaller shop compared to Mikes. Their canollis were smaller than Mike’s Also. The cheese filling in their canollis was lighter and almost tasted like it was whipped. The shell was crispy and light, but fell apart easily when we bit into it. Service was pleasant and helpful as we asked where they kept their canolis (they fill them fresh outback).

So, who did we determine the winner to be?





MIKE’S! We like the larger size, the amazing and rich filling and the massive selection of different kinds of pasties.


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