Top 20 Donut in America? Well…

After reading on The Daily Meal that Dottie’s Diner in the quaint town of Woodbury, CT had been voted one of the top donuts in America, I had to check it out. To be honest, I really don’t like donuts. They always make me feel horrible after eating them, so I don’t eat them often. But when I happen to be close to one of top donuts in America, why not?

Dottie’s is a small diner in an older strip-style mall just north of Southbury, CT. As you walk in, there is a glass counter where you can either be seated or order up some donuts for take-out. Dottie’s places each of these yummy treats into a turquoise box that resembles a Tiffany’s box.

The cinnamon and sugar donut was our favorite. The cake was light and moist and didn’t feel overly greasy. On the outside was a hearty coating of cinnamon and sugar that got all over us as we ate them. One of the top donuts in America? I don’t know. Good and tasty, Yes!

Check them out at



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