Black Bear Saloon – Bradley International Airport – South Windsor, CT

After what seemed to be an eternity waiting for the hostess to notice there were five people waiting in line, I was promptly seated at a table on the “outside” of the restaurant. The waitress was quick to come over to see what I wanted to drink and, to save some time, I gave her my order. For $13.95 I ordered the Southwest Burger which is a 10oz patty, BBQ sauce and grilled onions on top. I also opted to upgrade for $1.79 for sweet potato fries.

After about 20 minutes, my burger arrived and was drenched in BBQ sauce. More like medium-well, rather than medium liked I ordered it, the burger has a very good smokey taste. The sweet potato fries were crispy and flavorful.

I am a stickler for fast service at airport restaurants. I don’t come to airports to dine. They are a necessary evil. Places like this have decent food, but will think twice about future dines because of the slow service.




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