Benihana’s – LVH Hotel – Las Vegas, NV

When I was a kid, many of my friends would frequent Benihana’s for their birthdays, good report cards or special family functions. My family didn’t have much extra money so I didn’t have my first tepentaki experience until I was 24 years old. Though the show is always the same, I still enjoy it and make it a point to bring my daughter to tepentaki for special occasions.

Tonight we went to the Benihanna’s inside the LVH Hotel in Las Vegas. The LVH used to be the famous Las Vegas Hilton, but, it seems, Hilton decided to put their money somewhere else and it shows. The hotel seems old and forgotten about as larger and more grand places are popping up on the Strip.

The food at Benihana’s is always good and fresh. The six of is started with some sushi and then had the chef decide what he wanted to make us. So after the sushi, he made fried rice which he made into a heart. Then he cooked shrimp, lobster tail, steak and chicken. All was very tasty and cooked perfectly. It went perfectly well with a large Sapporo.


After a few good laughs, we finished our dinner and called it a night. Benihana’s is a good standby when you are looking for a non-stuffy and fun way to enjoy a meal with friends or co-workers.




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